Path of Inquiry

For a long time now, I have been on a path of inquiry – seeking knowledge and understanding of the nature of reality, why I’m here and what I’m here to do.  This, I’ve come to understand, includes identifying what I’m passionate about and how to be of service to others. It’s making more sense to me as I get older that one of the reasons for being a soul clothed in humanity is to figure out just what defines me and develop my abilities or gifts to the best of my ability.  It also means, I believe, to connect with the joy within.  The joy that’s way down deep, that often eludes me as I go about my every day mundane existence.

Usually the path of inquiry leads me to books and words, whether written or spoken, or sung, for that matter.  Words are like living beings and often, holding a book in my hands, just before I open it to delve in, is something akin to a spiritual experience.  You see, I believe that every book I read lands in my hands for a reason.  It happens to make itself known to me in a book store or from a library shelf.  Or, I’m reading a blog and there’s mention of a title that resonates.  It seems like destiny.  So, often the prospect of opening it up and delving into what’s waiting there, is exciting.  I know that there is at least one tidbit to be found in every one; a message to string together with all the others and move me forward along….my path of inquiry.

Right now I’m reading about a woman’s journey along The Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain and right after that waiting for me is Cheryl Strand’s Wild. From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Yes, the common theme here…books about journeying for the purpose of finding oneself.  Whether it be in life or through books, part of my journey is to inquire.


6 thoughts on “Path of Inquiry

    1. Thanks for your question Hariod. I’m plodding along 🙂 With more time on my hands, since I left work last year, I’ve re-visited personality types and figured out more about what makes me tick (I’m an ISFJ). I also (finally!) know that I want to pursue an online “heart-centred” business, which I’ve only just begun to envision. I’m currently reading Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss, as well as Dancing the Dream by Jamie Sams, a teacher of Native American wisdom. And, I’m also reading Discovering Your Spirit Animal by Lucy Harmer. So many books to read and journal about, not enough time in the day!

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      1. Thankyou for your considered reply. I must say the only reading on personality types I have done has been within the sphere of Buddhist psychology, and the character analyses contained therein. My great impression was that whilst some fall into distinct patterns for most of their adult life, many evolve a blend of traits over time – some increasing and others lessening. This is what I found for myself in fact, and the same was confirmed over decades by the head nun of a monastery I was affiliated with, and who wrote a book on the subject. I wish you all the very best with your envisioned business, and perhaps we shall hear more on that here anon. In the meantime, I leave you with my gratitude and respect, Hariod.


      2. Hi Hariod. Personality types through the lens of Buddhist psychology sounds interesting! I haven’t read anything on that topic. Would you tell me the name of the nun who wrote a book on the subject? I’d love to hear more about your connection with the monastery. And yes, I will share more about the business in due course. Thank you so much for your kind words!


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