Heart Swell

I was walking along the trail this morning with my dog Farley, a Standard Poodle who is a joy to be with, the rain gently falling on me.  Walking along, admiring the gardens springing up on the properties adjoining the trail.  Beautiful flowers that I can’t identify and the leaves on trees filling in and the butterfly bushes with grape like clumps and just the bright colours after a long winter.  And my heart swelled with gratitude in those moments of quiet, peace and natural beauty.  Also with gratitude for how things seem to be lining up now in my life after a long while of uncertainty. Gratitude for the decisions we’ve made and our move to another house, to start anew in a smaller place with nature outside our back door.

My son went to an outdoor school for a number of Fridays last Fall and the property had a wooded area and nearby river.  I remember my first time there, surrounded by the trees. It felt amazing and I thought how great it would be to live like that, so close to nature.  How it could change your life.  How it could change my life and my kids’ lives…..

It made me think that at some point you have to stop and take your dreams seriously. You can put them off and put them off, but at some point, you have to decide.  Are you going to do it or not?  So often we dream about things without believing we can make them happen.  Like it’s too far out there, too expensive to attain, don’t have the time to pursue, those things only happen to other people, what would my parents, kids, neighbours, co-workers etc. think?  Thoughts like that. That hold us back.

So I decided that this was the dream I wanted to pursue right now.  And guess what? It’s lining up.  I set it in motion, it appeared and I accepted.  And my heart swells with gratitude for how it is working out one step at a time.

What are you grateful for right now? I’d love for you to share.


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