It’s been a while since I was here.  There has been a lot of change and adjusting over these months due to our move to another house.  A lot of work to make the place our own and settle in.  I’m not complaining.  It’s a work in progress and it’s o.k. because there’s the vision of what we would like this place to be and the environment we want to create for ourselves and our kids.  I call it our cottage in the city. I love coming into the kitchen in the morning with the sunshine streaming in. I love sitting in our family room which I’ve dubbed the “Muskoka room” because of the wood floors, wood burning fireplace and the large picture window with a view of the trees.  Simply divine it is to sit in this room and read, or just be.

I find I want to be here at home more than I want to be anywhere else.  Going to work each day takes me away from all the nourishing things I could be doing here.  Like writing, reading, walking, cleaning and organizing, cooking, knitting or crocheting, enjoying the Fall colours and the glorious weather we’ve been having.  This has become more and more apparent to me in the last few months.  And that the way I feel about all of this requires a change.  So, I’m opening myself up to the possibilities that I know are around the corner.  I’m going to spend some time quietly envisioning what I want my life to look like and how I want to feel.

I also wanted to say how grateful I am for all that I have in my life, even those things that often stress me out.  I know that it’s all here for my learning and evolution. That those things are here to bring me to the next level.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians!



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