Just.Like.That….those are the words that keep replaying in my mind.  How everyday there are so many mundane things that happen and then, just like that, something huge happens.  Something that changes your life, maybe forever. Something like someone’s death. Even when the person is ill and it’s perhaps foreseen, it’s still a shock.  Just like that, one moment he’s here and in the next, he’s gone. Everything around death is so mysterious and so final.

What I tell myself now, when someone dies, is that he completed his mission.  And I definitely believe that once the soul is released from it’s earthbound human clothing, it soars again.  Soars freely and joyfully back to where it came. This realm on Earth folks is what I believe to be the tough part.  The pull up your sleeves and work hard part.  The sometimes clench your teeth, and reach down deep part.  The I don’t know how I’m ever going to keep going part.  The what is the point of all of this part.  This realm is definitely the hard part of existence.  Because existence on the other side isn’t questioned in my mind, and neither is the quality of said existence. Although I won’t know for sure until I get there, I feel a knowingness about the other side…that all will be well there.  That, as I may have said in these pages before, we will be debriefed and then we will understand and be at peace with it all.

The challenge for all of us, I think, is to invite that peace into our existence on Earth as much as we can, and share it with each other:   In spite of all the challenges we may face here.


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