Healing Cancer – Two Sources of Inspiration and Guidance

Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched two people I know through work come face to face with cancer.  The courage and determination each of these people have shown during this very difficult life challenge has left me in awe.  I decided to read a couple of books about healing cancer so I could understand a little better.  One such book I am writing about here today in the hope that it might be helpful to you or someone you know who is living with cancer right now.  Maybe down the road, when you hear of another person who is newly diagnosed, you’ll remember this book and pass it on to them.  I am writing about it here because it is a book about HOPE and DARING TO LIVE, despite however dire things might appear.

The book is called Radical Remission.Surviving Cancer Against All Odds by Kelly A. Turner, PhD.

Dr. Turner talks about the Nine Key Factors That Can Make a Real Difference.  They are:

1) Radically Changing Your Diet;

2) Taking Control of Your Health;

3) Following Your Intuition;

4) Using Herbs and Supplements;

5) Releasing Suppressed Emotions;

6) Increasing Positive Emotions;

7) Embracing Social Supports;

8) Deepening Your Spiritual Connection; and

9) Having Strong Reasons for Living.

On the face of it, these nine factors seem like “no brainers”; they all make sense.  What makes this book extraordinary is that it is about people who have taken a “radical” approach towards treatment.  Some of them had surgery, then chemo and/or radiation and had the cancer recur, others had surgery and then opted not to have radiation or chemotherapy, and others, had cancer that was inoperable or just too advanced.  The common denominator with all of the people profiled in this book is that they took control of their lives and decided to pursue what was available through integrated medicine. And as a result….healing occurred.  Some might say miracles occurred.  Dr. Turner came to see that each of these people focused on those nine key areas on their journey towards restoring their health.

The other equally powerful and extraordinary fount of inspiration and guidance on how to heal cancer is Kris Carr.  See her website, and in particular, her bio here.  Kris was diagnosed with an incurable Stage 4 cancer in 2003.  On her website and through her books, she shows you what she did to heal herself and thrive.

I feel a duty to share this information with you here today and hope that it will be helpful.



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