Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair by Anne Lamott

I just finished reading Stitches. A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair. In short, this book explores the meaning of life, the meaning of suffering and in essence, what the purpose of life is.  Lamott talks about how she quit her last “real” job, as a writer at a magazine, when she was 21. She says, that was the moment when she lost her place of prestige, but also, when she started to be found, to discover who she was born to be, and to begin to learn how to do all the things she had been taught not to do.

Although Lamott writes about heartache and the tragedy in life, her message is infused with her wonderful sense of humor and inspiring message of survival with the help of others.

She says, “This is who I want to be in the world. This is who I think we are supposed to be, people who help call forth human beings from deep inside hopelessness.”

Another quote is about finding meaning through books, nature or art:

All of life, for me, begins with books and art…When you love something like reading – or drawing or music or nature – it surrounds you with a sense of connection to something great.  If you are lucky enough to know this, then your search for meaning involves whatever that Something is. It’s an alchemical blend of affinity and focus that takes us to a place within that feels as close as we ever get to “home”. It’s like pulling into our own train station after a long trip – joy, relief, a pleasant exhaustion.

If a writer or artist creates from a place of truth and spirit and generosity, then I may be able to enter and ride this person’s train back to my own station. It’s the same with beautiful music and art…. Beauty is meaning.

I’ve enjoyed reading this book and will be exploring more of Ms. Lamott’s works very shortly!


2 thoughts on “Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair by Anne Lamott

  1. Since Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors, I ask myself, why have I not read “Stitches” ? I’ve been thinking about reading it, but so many things have gotten in the way. Or maybe it’s because now is the perfect time for me to read it! Thanks for providing the prompt!


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