Take Some Time

I was sitting in my Muskoka room the other morning, sipping my coffee, and staring out the window at the trees and clouds. I thought I had to tell you how much this almost daily ritual means to me, and because I want to encourage you to do it too.

Some days, I can only get five or ten minutes of this very nourishing activity.  Other days, when I’m off work and the kids are at school, I can spend a lot longer sitting there journalling, reading and just re-charging.

That’s really the reason I am encouraging you to take some time to just sit and breathe and look out the window at the clouds – for the opportunity to re-charge.

Maybe you’ll remember this activity from your childhood days when, perhaps lying on the grass or on the beach, you could spend hours making out the outline of an animal or object in the fluffy clouds.

I also just like watching how the clouds move, ever…so…slowly  –  it is very meditative.

So, my friends, all of this to say,

take care of yourselves by taking some time to just sit and be.

I meant to post this on New Year’s eve, but alas, a technological glitch intervened. So, I’m here now, wishing you all a peaceful and rewarding New Year!

p.s. I also wanted to draw your attention to Susannah Conway’s blog post about Finding Your Word for 2015, which you can find here (you just have to scroll down the page to find it).  I’m thinking my word for 2015 will be Courage.



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