Patiently Waiting

There is nothing I need to do, now that I’ve surrendered.

Now that I’ve opened my hands and heart to receive.

Now that I trust what I know will come.


I am now patiently waiting for the next clue to appear.

And, it will appear; if I am quiet and still in my heart and mind.


What a relief I now feel.

There is nothing that I must do.

Nothing to make happen.

No pushing or straining to see my will done.

No striving for the next thing.


I am now free to trust,

To breathe,

To pray,

To walk.

Believing, Smiling,

In the faith I have for Ultimate Reality.


I can now patiently wait,

for my future to unfold,

as it will, all on time.

And so it is.


by Cora


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