Experiencing Gratitude and a Nourishing Meditation

I’ve been reading and listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza (author of Becoming Supernatural, Evolve Your Brain, You are the Placebo and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, among others). A comment he made has stayed with me: that often people who attend his workshops initially have a hard time opening their hearts and really feeling gratitude (because it’s not something they are used to doing).

Being someone who often feels and expresses gratitude for all that life has given to me, I found that statement to be, well, quite surprising and sad.

I also know from experience and from what I’ve learned from spiritual teachers, that gratitude is one of the highest vibrations that we can manifest, and, from which we can manifest what we want to bring about in our lives.

So, I’m showing up here today to urge you to look into this thing called “gratitude” and see how you can bring it into your daily life, if you haven’t already: it really is a life-changer!

And, to help you with that, here is a meditation I just discovered, which can help you tap into the feeling of gratitude. It is from the YouTube channel called PowerThoughts Meditation Club:



Happy Sunday wherever you are in the world!



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