The Hermit, The Sun, The Magician

It’s March 21, 2020 today.  In case you’re reading this months or years into the future, I’ll just say that the world is going through some troubled times right now.  These are the days where we are well into the Covid19 pandemic.  We are experiencing social distancing and isolating ourselves within our homes, people are home from work, restaurants and all non-essential businesses are closed and some people are in self-quarantine after returning from international travel. Having set the stage, I now give you my interpretation of these cards that landed in my lap this morning.

Since Rachel Pollack’s 78 Degrees of Wisdom was within arms’ reach, I decided to consult her descriptions first.  She actually talks about these three cards together on page 133.  Here are some thoughts, based on this text:

The Hermit is about two things: having a guide/teacher to help with your spiritual growth and personal development (or being that teacher for others) and about retreating from the world/going inward to shine a light on unconscious patterns, ultimately seeking wisdom.

The Sun is all about joy, happiness and being free of all illusions and fear (where the truth has emerged), looking at the world in a whole new light – everything is united (we are ultimately all One).

The Magician is about having all the tools to take action, being aware of your own power to create your world into being (materialize something from “nothing”). The Magician is also a channel, allowing “something” to flow through him and materialize in the world.  See how he stands with one arm pointed to the heavens and the other pointed down towards the Earth?

Ms. Pollack says that when the Hermit and the Magician join forces, they create super consciousness.

Does anyone else get the feeling that this is telling us that we’ve gone through unconscious times full of fear and illusion as to what this whole thing called “life on Earth” really is, and now, amidst this crisis, that the clear light of the Sun is shining down on the Truth, the eternal truth, in order that we all wake up and use our collective wisdom and empowerment to create something new in the world?!  Like maybe a kinder, more compassionate, more sustainable way of living?

The Octopus also came in to remind us about having healthy boundaries and the 6 of Cups kept falling out of the deck as I was shuffling… representing innocence, nostalgia and seeing life with a fresh set of eyes.

I’d love hear what you think, in the comments, if you have anything to add about the interpretation of these cards!

For those of you reading this in real time, stay safe, be well. ❤





2 thoughts on “The Hermit, The Sun, The Magician

  1. Thank you Cora! Yes – I too have experienced this call to remember how living more simply, consciously and lovingly is the path to true peace and contentment. May all beings be safe, free and well! xoxo

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