Navigating the “bridge” on the path of Life

This post is about navigating what I’m calling “the bridge” on the path of life. The metaphorical bridge is where we are when we feel like we’re not sure where we’re heading. Or, we know where we would like to be heading, but we don’t know how to get there. It could feel like we’re stuck, or we’re in some kind of limbo la-la-land which never seems to go anywhere.
These times could also be when we feel that something is missing in our lives, but we can’t quite pin it down. Or it’s a time where we are looking after someone else, whether it be children, our elderly parents, a friend going through cancer treatment etc., or when we ourselves are not well.
We might ask ourselves, “why is this happening?” and it may feel like it’s all too much and it’s never going to end. We may feel, among other emotions, exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, uninspired, restless, angry, bored.
During these times, I think it is helpful to envision ourselves walking on a bridge, one that we can’t see where it goes or where it ends. We can’t go back, so we just keep going.
It’s during these times that we need to develop patience by telling ourselves that it’s ok that we don’t know yet. We have to get comfortable with being on standby. Which leads me to the second thing that’s important during these times. The grandma of them all – surrender. Years ago, I had no idea what that really meant. Weren’t we supposed to keep fighting the good fight? It turns out surrender does not mean throwing in the towel and walking away, or giving up. It happens when you admit to yourself and to God or the Universe that you’ve given it your all and you don’t know what else to do; you give it all (the situation, whatever is causing you distress), over to the divine intelligence that created you and all things, to manage. You agree to allow Life to handle it for you AND you stand by for guidance. “Show me the way,” is a good mantra for these times.
It can be pretty surreal and amazing to see what happens once you’ve surrendered. Things do start to happen, not the least of which is feeling more peaceful. People may go and then maybe come back, a new job may appear, and your life may even get really shaken up. In tarot, the Tower card represents a time in which sudden change occurs. It shows a large building with fire coming out of it and people being thrown from it. Sometimes it shows a tower being struck by lightening. It represents those times when what currently exists gets shaken up or toppled over so that something new and better can replace it.
I’m here to tell you from personal experience, that these times, when we’re walking across the bridge, end up being some of the most defining times in our lives. It is during these times that we are being asked to learn something; what we signed up for Earth school to learn. It’s during these times, that we can do some solid personal development or spiritual work. And when it feels like it’s taking forever to get “somewhere”, maybe it’s because we are exactly where we need to be; exactly where all the learning is going to happen.
I wanted to also say that it is very important to have solid personal care practices during these times. Making sure to take care of our physical bodies with good food and maybe even supplements. Doing some physical activities you enjoy, or something simple like getting out for a daily walk. Spending time in nature is a balm at any time but especially during these times. Taking some time for solitude or developing a morning or evening ritual such as prayer, meditation, pulling an oracle or tarot card for inspiration and clarification, for example. Engaging in an activity that brings you pleasure often, such as a hobby or creative practice is also very nourishing. And reaching out to others, whether it be a friend or family member, pastor or therapist, when you need to talk and process your thoughts and feelings is invaluable. You don’t need to do it alone.
In closing, I hope this has helped you if you are going through a time of uncertainty or change. And I hope that it may help you to see your situation in a different light. That it has a purpose; that ultimately it is for good.
Lastly, I don’t in any way mean to imply that if you’re in a situation where your mental or physical well-being is being threatened, that you should stay in that situation. I would urge you to leave the situation and seek help in your community!
Wishing you all peace and happiness, Cora


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