A Healing Combination

I am calling this reading A Healing Combination because with both Temperance and Justice coming up, I feel that this reading is trying to communicate what changes are needed for healing, in the grand scheme of things in the world, at this time.  There is a vibe of balancing or weighing opposites and discerning what actions to take when all is considered (Justice) and felt (Temperance). I will come back to these elements in a moment, but first let’s look at the Queen of Swords.

Personally, I can relate to this Queen as she sits there quietly holding her arm out in a welcoming gesture and holding her sword up high, letting you know that she is all about what’s true and right and about being clear-headed.  And I feel she is mirroring the Justice card in meaning, and quite literally, since she’s facing it. Why is she looking over at Justice? Maybe she is telling us that we are off kilter right now? Pointing out that something needs to bring us back into balance? And with all that sword energy, it seems to say: use your clear thinking and logical mind and for God’s sake, look at the facts and the truth in order to figure this out.

Together the Queen of Swords and the Justice card are asking us to look with a clear head at what’s around, what’s going on and determine what is the best course of action to take, with the highest good of all in mind.  Juxtaposing these two cards with Temperance, also makes me feel as if there is a karmic vibe to this message.  The Queen of Swords stands for truth, clarity and fairness on the earthly realm; Justice for the same ideals, as well as balance on the bigger cosmic plane. And then we also have Temperance, another major arcana card which is also “weighing in”, no pun intended.  According to Paul Quinn, in his book Tarot for Life, Temperance represents Iris, a winged messenger of the gods in the time of Zeus, who created the rainbow in order to permit Iris to descend to earth and bring messages to humanity.  Iris became known as the goddess of the rainbow and represented a bridge between Heaven and Earth.  So the angel of Temperance is helping us to bridge Heaven and Earth and is doing so as an alchemist.  She assists each of us to “dilute denser energies” so as to help us continue on our path of self-mastery and self-actualization (represented by the road leading towards the mountains and the gold crown).

As an alchemist, Temperance is about synthesizing, mixing and blending two or more things to create something entirely new; something better than the sum of its parts.  Maybe the angel is telling us the solution is to be found in something we haven’t tried yet. That we need to blend some things in order to find the solution.  I do feel a ying and yang vibe too – which to me speaks also of the divine feminine/divine masculine balance, which I think is so necessary if we are to move forward in our evolution.  The angel’s red wings really jumped out at me as if to say, now is the time to trust in the unseen, that which is not readily discernable with our senses but certainly is with our imagination.  Angelic forces are really here to assist us, so maybe we should believe in them and invite them in to help us bring about the new.  Partnering with angelic forces so we can evolve into our higher selves would definitely be a healing combination. 🙂




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