Patiently Waiting

There is nothing I need to do, now that I've surrendered. Now that I've opened my hands and heart to receive. Now that I trust what I know will come.   I am now patiently waiting for the next clue to appear. And, it will appear; if I am quiet and still in my heart and … Continue reading Patiently Waiting


Life Purpose Vol. III

Exploring my life purpose has been an ongoing project which intensified over the last couple of years.  A few months ago, I re-discovered a book I bought a couple of years ago called Live Your Life Purposeby Dorothy Ratusny. Ms. Ratusny provided the following questions which I found to be very helpful.  Get your journal out, dear people, and … Continue reading Life Purpose Vol. III

Happiness in the Here and Now.

One of the topics discussed in Thich Nhat Hanh's book Peace is Every Breath is "Contemplating Aimlessness".  He says, Contemplating aimlessness helps us stop feeling compelled to go around seeking after this and that, exhausting ourselves mentally and physically. Aimlessness means not chasing after anything, not setting any more objects in front of ourselves to … Continue reading Happiness in the Here and Now.

Tell Your Truth (and a tool to help you with that).

I've been reading a book called The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte.  It's about figuring out what your core desired feelings are.  That is, the feelings that you most want to feel in your life. Such as a sense of freedom, joy, tranquility, abundance, security, etc.  The reason for doing so is that it helps to know … Continue reading Tell Your Truth (and a tool to help you with that).

Quotes from Magical Journey. An Apprenticeship in Contentment.

Can't help but share some of my favourite quotes from the book Magical Journey. An Apprenticeship in Contentment by Katrina Kenison "It's not for me to judge the gifts I have to offer the world, but it is up to me to summon the courage to offer them." "What matters most is not the size or … Continue reading Quotes from Magical Journey. An Apprenticeship in Contentment.


I love the word "discern" or "discernment". Say it and see for yourself.  It feels so deep; so much meaning in a single word. Let's discern, shall we, what's really important on the journey. Let's not gloss over, engage in willful blindness, ignorance or head in the sand activities.  Let's not be deluded or … Continue reading Discern